About us

About us

Connect2Crowd was brought to life in 2014 by our founders, Marco van Veen and Marcel van Rijn, with a goal of sharing their deep understanding of everything digital through decades of experience. Our aim was to help companies thrive during times of continuous digital change.

Today, we’re proud to say our team has expanded to include a host of experienced digital consultants and executive interim professionals who are committed to seeing our mission come to life. Our combined knowledge and digital depth has allowed us to help some of the world’s biggest brands through their most complex digital transformation.

Our mission is to empower organisations to transform their businesses during the digital era. Mobilised by our value for quality, we determinedly pursue creative digital solutions that bring lasting and sustainable change.

Our Values


Effort and experience are equally important
The experience and delight of using a solution should echo the time and care you put into building it.


Our conviction matches our courage
We work hard and we’re proud of it, boldly taking on challenges that test our will and resolve.


Driven by passion
Originality and dynamism are central to how we create innovative and bold new solutions.


Leadership through authenticity
Relationships are built through truth, sincerity and a steadfast commitment to doing what is right.


Finding time to play
Embrace the joy that comes from pioneering the field of digital transformation.


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Embrace the joy that comes from pioneering the field of digital transformation.

Introducing Nixon

Nixon is a tool, developed in partnership with Triple, that provides a complete overview of your digital landscape. This solution provides you with a centralised overview of all your digital assets, easily keeping track of all your domain names, sites, online platforms and applications. Nixon gives you a top to bottom analysis on an ongoing basis that alerts you to problems and potential risks directly on your dashboard.

Nixon analyses your entire digital ecosystem through a series of scans, scrutinising critical points of security and privacy. All you need to do is submit a list of domains and DNS info, and it is able to take this information and make an inventory of all your digital assets including sub-domains and redirects.

All reporting is sent directly to the responsible team members so you can be assured of immediate implementation, resolving issues before they have a chance to cause real challenges. What’s even better is that new scans are triggered automatically so you’re always up-to-date. This means you don’t need to worry about digital vulnerabilities anymore.

Get the insights you need to take complete control of your digital resources.

Our team

André Scholten

Digital Programme Manager

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Kamran van Roosmalen

Product Owner

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Marcel van Rijn

Digital Technology Strategy

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Marco van Veen

Managing Director

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Barbara Grishaver

Privacy Compliance Manager

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Akram Ahemed

Digital Media Consultant

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Amar Rambocus

Digital Technical Consultant

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Sjoerd Heddema

Product Owner

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Christian Beer

Product Owner PIM/DAM

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